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Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Post by luster_beast_luke on Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:36 am

This is going to be one of the most important posts you read on this site. As JSSDA is quite a small place, we do have quite severe rules and regulations to go by, if you break any of these rules we will follow the disciplinary system. It is expected from you to follow these rules, do so and there will be nothing to worry about.

Rules for outside of the chatbox:-

1 -  Do not post unnecessary things. Posts that could be deemed unnecessary are short posts with one word (I.e - Welcome, Lol, Rotfl, o, Hi or any other one word answer.)
1.1 - Reviving dead topics (Topics that have been left with no response for over a week) is forbidden unless a good reason is involved.
1.2 - Do not insult any member in your posts.
2 - Posting Adult content is forbidden.
3 - Respect your upper staff.
4 - Posting about non-affiated academies is forbidden.
4.1 - Do not recruit from this academy.
4.2 - It is preferred you only talk about this academy and non-affiated academies.
5 - Do not steal any GFX from this forum.
6 - Talking about religion is a big no-no
7 - No sexist jokes. Some members are male and others are female, we should not be making fun of that.
8 - Do not ever impersonate staff.
9 - Try to be nice to other members and do not set your goals on humiliating them.

Rules for inside of the chatbox:-

1 - Do not Insult any member on the chatbox
2 - Respect staff inside of chatbox
3 - Do not post adult content
4 - Do not talk about Non-Affiated academies
5 - Do not talk about religion
6 - Try to be nice to other members

Warning System -

Warnings outside of chatbox:-
- First Warning - We will take nothing from you and you shall remain in your current dorm
- Second Warning - You will loose all of your PD.
- Third Warning - You will be demoted to Poké Ball Red, Loose all of your PD and be banned for an hour
- Fourth Warning - You will be demoted to Poké Ball Red, Loose all of your PD and be banned for a week
- Fifth Warning - You will be IP banned.

Warnings Inside of Chatbox:-
- First Warning - Verbal Warning
- Second Warning - You will be kicked from the chatbox
- Third Warning - Refer to the Third Warning of 'Warnings outside of chatbox'
- Fourth Warning - Refer to the Fourth Warning of 'Warnings outside of chatbox'
- Fifth warning - You will be banned from the chat forever.

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